Genevieve Ure


I am a yoga, AcroYoga and Kettlebell instructor and personal trainer based in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up in Tucson (after moving here at a young age from Hawaii) has given me such an appreciation for the desert and the mountains and being outside as much as possible. When I'm not teaching I am probably hiking, biking, walking my dogs, reading, pretending I can slack line, practicing my handstands, hanging on trees, or petting your dog (and my dogs and EVERYONE'S dogs). 

I have always been at least somewhat active. I danced (ballet and modern) from age 8 to 20 (and still take dance classes from time to time just to make sure I haven't forgotten everything). I had a brief and very unimpressive career on my high school track and tennis teams and started practicing yoga also in high school as a way to get more flexible for dance. When I started practicing yoga I was just after the physical benefits but after a little while, like so many others, I started to feel that I was changing through the practice. I completed my first teacher training at Yoga Oasis in 2014 (where I also took my first ever yoga class) and started teaching after a few months of feeling very emphatically like I didn't want to teach yoga. I did not consciously seek yoga out as a tool to grow as a person but that's exactly what happened. As with many changes, this growth has happened in fits and starts, sometimes going backward for a little bit and sometimes leaping forward into the unknown. Sometimes this feels scary, sometimes it feel slow and stagnant. Above all, I seek to keep learning and growing, even when it's scary; especially when it's scary. 

I have been exploring AcroYoga since 2012. I love AcroYoga for the amazing community it creates and the fun and play that can happen when you get people together and balance them on each other. I have all these things I want to be able to do one day, like a back flip and a handstand press and AcroYoga gives me an outlet for my inner acrobat (since I didn't start training at age 4 and so have no actual chance of joining the circus, sadly). 

I've been pursuing strength training since 2010 with an extra focus since starting at Evolution Fitness where I currently work as the customer service manager, a class instructor and a personal trainer. I strength train for so many reasons. To name a few: the mental and physical challenge, the feeling of badass-ery, the community, and the confidence that my body is capable and can do amazing things. 

I am available for workshops, personal training and private yoga sessions, and public and private classes. Connect with me at or on facebook or Instagram